The challenge

Aquafresh, a large global brand, needed compelling product ideas that emotionally connected with consumers across important international markets. The business challenge was to create a true point of difference in a category that traditionally has low consumer engagement and a multiplicity of competitive products that consumers see as offering similar benefits.

Our approach

Working with the insight team, we first got to the heart of consumer insight in different countries, and then identified the common drivers and key differences between the markets.  We generated compelling ideas and stretched them further by collaborating with other creative agencies.  We used global trends and creative techniques such as rapid re-iteration and lateral thinking to reframe the ideas in new ways, to break through consumer clutter.

The results

Innovation Kinetics helped the GSK team go beyond the obvious and get a pipeline of exciting ideas that have every potential to meet global consumer needs and cross local market boundaries.  The concept scores were significantly increased in quantitative testing and ideas are moving forward scheduled for future launch.

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Chuck out the bean bags, and inject a healthy dose of energy, pragmatism and the right people in the room. Innovation Kinetics took the time to understand what actually drives our business and category, so all our ideation energy was directed into creating ideas that are inspiring to our category, and more importantly relevant and practical, something missing from many other innovation agencies. The result: a strong set of NPDs to take our business forward.

Shafik Saba, Marketing Director, Oral Healthcare
Our previous concept ideas were seen as too generic when tested with consumers; they used very familiar category language and references. Innovation Kinetics directed a tight creative process that stretched our thinking much further. I would therefore recommend Mary to anyone looking for an original thinker to help jolt them out of undifferentiated product development.  For me, she provides the ideal combination of intellectual steel and personal engagement to make the process of getting to better concepts a pleasure not a chore.
Paul Buckley, Oral Health Insights Director, Global Insights, GSK