Race for Life

Race for Life

The challenge

Race for Life is a flagship fundraising event; a blaze of pink that has engaged the hearts and minds of millions. However, sponsored charity events are multiplying and insight showed that participants feel increasingly reluctant to seek sponsorship money. We needed to develop cut-through thinking to leverage the heritage of this highly successful brand and drive the event forward without losing sight of what makes it successful.

Our approach

We developed a sharp, fast, inclusive programme that explored different future models and, to keep our ideas grounded, we involved the delivery team from the start. By scrutinizing supporter data, we targeted key supporter groups and behaviours essential to the event’s success. This led us to create a range of exciting ideas and recommendations for testing.

The results

Our findings and ideas will encourage supporters to continue engaging with Race for Life in all kinds of ways. One of our concepts was rolled out and generated a 10-15% increase in supporter participation in its first year. The magic of participant stories was also identified as a powerful recruitment tool. Finally, we discovered a particularly important supporter segment and, as a result, the charity decided to re-focus attention on this segment’s needs.

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Race for Life

Your models, workshops, case studies and activities helped to create great concepts and propositions that could stand up to scrutiny and our Director’s questioning. This, combined with your flexibility, has been a huge factor that has helped our success!  I want to say thank you for your knowledge, for your patience and the fun we have had along the way. I think the activities that are going forward are going to have a large impact on encouraging our supporters to come back, raise more money and support us in different ways.

Gareth Mulcahy, Events Senior Manager, Race for Life, Cancer Research UK