Rowse Honey

Rowse Honey

The challenge

The Rowse challenge was to create surprising, compelling ideas to open the lid on honey at breakfast. While honey is well known, our ambition was to make it innovative too. Honey is a deliciously natural product, loved and enjoyed by many but with low consumption frequency. We set out to change that through product innovation.

Our approach

By leveraging the creative talent within Rowse and working with specialists, we opened up the thinking to find intriguing insights that led to highly relevant honey-based big ideas. Using techniques such as ‘The Alien’s Guide to Honey,’ we explored the world of honey without preconceived ideas about what was or wasn’t known. The collision of changing food trends and a deep understanding of consumers generated tremendous excitement and new ideas.

The results

We delivered three high-scoring innovation concepts that connected emotionally with consumers. These new ideas went into the innovation pipeline with the first due to launch immediately. Because we worked closely with the internal team to co-create ideas, we generated strong buy-in to carry concepts through to launch.

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Rowse Honey

The most impressive thing about working with Innovation Kinetics was the results.  Three ideas from this project are progressing to launch, the first one this year.  This is fantastic as many agencies can deliver creative ideas, but it’s the tangible outputs that can make a difference to the brand and the business that count. Most of the ideas surprised and delighted me as I had previously thought we had exhausted all areas for honey innovation! One of the things that sets IK apart is their collaborative style.  Everyone from marketing, sales, category and product development were involved in the process, which meant there was a lot of ownership to drive the innovation forward.We have already asked Innovation Kinetics to work with us again…

Kirstie Jamieson, Marketing Director, Valeo Foods UK