What clients say

We are always delighted to get feedback from our clients.  Here is a selection of their comments, which reflect how we like to work.

Innovation Kinetics gets results...

“Mary’s work on this project and the leadership of the workshop was outstanding. I am confident that the opportunities generated will have real traction in our business.”

Cornelia Bartl, Global Franchise Leader, Vitamin & Mineral Supplements, Merck Consumer Health

“Nobody expected that we would reach where we reached.  Running innovation vision workshops in large corporations requires a good set of skills. Innovation is a creative, dynamic and fascinating field but, in large corporations, it sits across business units with entangled hierarchical sensitivities. Mary brings the business acumen and a consultant drive along with strong background and fresh insights in innovation. She is very skillful in the art of corporate navigation.  Together, we were able to bring to life every one of our goals.”

Maria Tavares, Head of Global Innovation Strategy, Givaudan

“The most impressive thing about working with Innovation Kinetics was the results. Three ideas from the Rowse Honey project are progressing to launch, the first one this year. This is fantastic as many agencies can deliver creative ideas, but it’s the tangible outputs that can make a difference to the brand and the business that count.”

Kirstie Jamieson, Marketing Director, Valeo Foods UK

“Innovation Kinetics has been one of our innovation partners at GSK Consumer Healthcare for over six years, from early stage ‘white space’ projects to short-term brand innovation, on brands including Aquafresh, Sensodyne and Polident. Mary always takes the time to understand what we want to achieve and drives for results, so the delivery is excellent.”

Andrew Middleton, Consumer Healthcare, GSK

“Mary’s extensive knowledge of the innovation process and wider market pushed us to challenge our thinking and assumptions, resulting in new ways to drive income from the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning event.”

Diana Londono, Innovation Lead, Macmillan Cancer Support

“We are over the moon to get a clear direction on three brands – and the final concepts were so great you just wanted to eat them!”

Sarah Rodrigues, former Senior Brand Manager, Fox’s Biscuits

“Chuck out the bean bags, and inject a healthy dose of energy, pragmatism and the right people in the room. Innovation Kinetics took the time to understand what actually drives our business and category, so all our ideation energy was directed into creating ideas that are inspiring to our category, and more importantly relevant and practical, something missing from many other innovation agencies. The result, a strong set of NPDs to take our business forward.”

Shafik Saba, Global Marketing Director, Oral Healthcare, GSK

Innovation Kinetics challenges with fresh thinking...

“I recommend working with Mary. She ensures she understands the business and the needs of the stakeholders and then becomes an equal partner in the innovation journey. Mary is equally supportive and challenging, never rests and knows how to cut through the hurdles that ‘corporate thinking’ often throws up.”

Andrew Middleton, Global Brand Franchise Director, R&D, Merck Consumer Health

“Over the years I have known Mary, what makes her interesting and exciting to work with is her deep insight and fresh approach to innovation.  She is curious about new ideas and has an intuitive ability to make connections across different categories and cultures.  Mary sees how big ideas can be relevant to multiple brands from very different categories: food, drinks, financial products, charities and services. This fresh thinking is important when thinking about how to look at problems in a world besieged by ‘me too’ approaches. On a personal note she is a delight to work with. Smart, flexible, fun – she adds huge value to any project she works on.”

Syl Saller, Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo PLC

“Mary’s natural curiosity and strong intellect make her a great facilitator and able to get to the heart of business challenges.”

Dan Taylor, General Manager, Innovation, TAL Life

“Innovation Kinetics not only takes a brief, they own it. They have the ability to challenge your thinking so that all avenues are explored fully and boundaries are broken down to get the best innovative concepts to test with consumers.”

Hayley Holland, former Brand Manager, Rocky, Fox’s Biscuits

“Mary and the Innovation Kinetics team have a great ability to take on new areas, question, understand and piece it all back together in a way that links the science and technical detail in a compelling way for the consumer.”

Naomi Grant, former Head of R&D, Consumer Healthcare, Maxi Nutrition

“Mary combines the power of creativity with structure. Her wealth of experience is invaluable – with expertise and a genuine passion for innovation, getting people to break a few barriers and get to a new level of problem solving.”

Harriet Hunter, Head of Improvement and Innovation, The Scottish Government

Innovation Kinetics is collaborative...

“I recommend working with Mary as she brings expertise, perspective and passion while engaging people in a lively way. Active Beauty is a recent and fast growing business for Givaudan. We wanted to create an experience that energised people and got them working together as a new team. Mary was great to work with, as she listened to what we wanted and had lots of ideas. Her first session was packed with inspiring examples of innovation and start-ups from all around the world. She then challenged everyone to translate the insights into actionable outcomes.”

Laurent Bordeau, Global Head of Active Beauty Business Unit, Givaudan

“Mary got a great balance between content and team dynamics and facilitated very expertly and developed smart ways of helping people understand and feel inspired by the future. Her follow through was excellent.”

Andrew Stedman, Global Head of Development, Consumer Products, Givaudan

“We’ve worked with Innovation Kinetics for many years on breakthrough fundraising ideas such as the early stages of Stand Up to Cancer as well as some of our biggest fundraising products such as Race for Life. As a partner, Mary is quick to understand, flexible in her approach and ready to ‘jump in’ and get her hands dirty. She has a sympathetic ear and dynamism, which make her supportive one-on-one and inspirational in groups.”

Natasha Hill, former Brand & Strategic Marketing Director, Cancer Research UK

“Mary helped us gain some clear innovation directions for our body wash category.  With her passion for innovation, she was able to navigate a lot of internal information quickly. She then helped us shape new ideas with a fast-paced workshop, facilitating a room of experts with style and energy.  The quality and breadth of the ideas was very impressive and we went on to develop a number of the concepts.  On a personal level, she was passionate, creative and a great team motivator!”

Rhian Slee, Global Business Director, Global Skincare & Cleansing, Givaudan

“The Innovation Kinetics team is able to deal with different cultures at Birds Eye and Iglo while bringing energy, positive mind-set and enthusiasm to make things happen in tight timings. We have been very pleased with the outcome, and I can strongly recommend Mary.”

Harald Guimarães, Marketing Director, Iglo

“It was a real pleasure to work with Mary and her team. They quickly became fully immersed in our category, provided strong leadership on ideation and ultimately developed some great platforms as springboards for the future. I highly recommend Mary if you want actionable results.”

Heidi Greslé, Cluster Head & General Manager UK & Ireland, Merck Consumer Health