What we do

What we do

Innovation Kinetics helps organisations innovate more effectively to produce bigger, better and more break-through ideas.

We offer innovation services in three areas: strategy, idea & concept development, and training.

Our focus is at the early stages of innovation. We help organisations create clear innovation strategies. Our work spans all stages from early idea creation to concept development and testing, always supported by robust commercial thinking to maximise the success of a launch. We can also help companies become more effective at innovation through training, tools and capability programmes.

Our approach – at Innovation Kinetics we:

  • Get results. Innovation in organisations can be complex, but we keep a clear focus on the end game to deliver creative, consumer and commercial impact.
  • Bring fresh thinking to challenges. We’re friendly but we’re not afraid to push boundaries with clients to raise their game. We are creative and curious and find new ways to look at things differently.
  • Work collaboratively. The best innovation happens when there is a fusion of ideas and expertise by people from different functions and backgrounds. We set up teams to get the best out of people and encourage ownership so ideas gain organisational momentum.

What's behind our name?

We thrive on the ‘a-ha’ moments of innovation. Our name is based on the kinetic energy sparked by creating new ideas. We recognise that innovation is not static; it’s about moving things forward and gaining momentum towards business growth.

Finding these ‘a-ha’ moments is what we call the innovation sweet spot. It happens when three things come together: a true consumer insight, an exciting idea that a brand or technology can offer to address this insight and a bigger macro trend that helps the idea have scale.

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